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The power adapter USES safety instructions

Time: 2017-07-20¡¡¡¡View: 3310

When choosing a power adapter, note the following points:
Select the suitable power adapter type and size according to the usage method or equipment. Such as wall plug, tabletop, switch head multi-plug switch power adapter;
Find the corresponding specification according to the input voltage and various output voltage and current.
If there is a common ground relationship between the different ports, if it is a coexisting relationship, there is a special requirement for the power supply.
The main circuit voltage is determined according to the range of load characteristics (resistance, capacity, sensibility) and power range of the various road load. In general, the main circuit of high voltage precision and output current;
Clear noise, voltage stability, load stability, etc.
According to the temperature, humidity and vibration of the actual use of the environment; Choose the product level that is cost-effective and reasonable;
The specifications in this manual are not satisfied with your requirements, please ask for more detailed technical requirements to meet your actual needs.
Secco yulong electronics provide power adapter USES the advanced circuit device and process, after careful thermal design and structural optimization, become a good module device. Due to the power of the categories and series, specification and quantity is more, its features and different physical properties, so in installation, use and maintenance aspects, there are many special considerations, the following conclusions:
Before using the product, you must read the product introduction and the instructions, read the wiring markers, and confirm that the input voltage is consistent with the product
When wiring, disconnect the input power. To power its power output consists of multiple connection terminals and the terminal of the internal is mutually (power) all the way, should receive the load evenly;
The power supply should be able to use the space to heat the heat and extend the life of the power supply.
4. Before the installed power, please check the attachment of the terminal, once again confirm the input and output, ac and dc, single phase, multiphase and the positive and negative, such as voltage and current value is correct before use. To eliminate the occurrence of the reverse and the wrong phenomenon;
5. The current value is the average current value is measured with ammeter, the user had better use oscilloscope plus a precision resistor (chosen wattage) measure peak current, the measured peak current is best not to overload.
The output power of the power source mainly depends on the power device of the original, and to meet the requirement of the customer, the manufacturer has left some residual amount for each group.
When the power adapter product fails, we should inform the company in the quickest way and show the phenomenon of the power failure so that the company can find the cause. The company shall make repairs or replace it in different circumstances.
The frequent switch of the power adapter will affect its life span.
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