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The development of the power supply

Time: 2017-07-20¡¡¡¡View: 3357

The social development, the scientific and technological strength is large, for the convenience people?s day need. Various types of electronic devices are popping up in people?s days. The power adapter is the most familiar accessory. However, increasingly frequent in the replacement equipment at present, a lot of people at home, especially the home of some digital natives, abandon the power adapter is "mountain". This phenomenon has now led to the attention of the world telecommunication union (ITU), and the regulations are about to be introduced and should be taken seriously by the industry.
The world federation of electricity distribution figures show that the number of adapters sold in 2012 was around 4 billion, an estimate of 12 per cent a year. From the perspective of environmental protection, the question of how much energy the adapter consumes is very important. But there is more than that. The power adapter is generally longer than the information communication skills that its power supply is -- almost everyone has a drawer full of old power adapters. If they are unable to reuse, if they are unable to modify or withdraw, if their power supply equipment life is too short, if they cannot be applied to multiple devices, so they will become increasingly serious challenge part of electronic waste.
ITU -t (world ITU standardization bureau) 5 discussion groups for universal charger specifications, namely the ITU - TL. 1000 proposal for the mobile terminals and other handheld universal power adapter and charger ICT equipment solution, the operation was successful, according to the development of new specification of the charger and adapter will be safer, more energy-efficient, and will use environmental protection data. "
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