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Troubleshooting plan for the power adapter

Time: 2017-07-20¡¡¡¡View: 3546

The 9v switch power adapter works in detail
Automatic control, compared with the traditional power supply, switch power supply with low consumption, high efficiency, small volume, light weight, wide range of voltage and other characteristics, widely used in computer and peripheral equipment, communications, electrical appliances and other fields.
But are the prominent disadvantages of switch power supply produce strong electromagnetic interference, interference signal has a very wide frequency range, and there is a certain range, the electromagnetic environment of conduction and radiation pollution, cause disturbance to the communication equipment and electronic products. If handled improperly, the switch power itself becomes a source of disturbance.
So it?s not cheap to find a switch on the market for audio
Because of these shortcomings, there is no switching power supply in professional audio use.
Traditional transformer power supply, weakness is volume weight, low efficiency, but the manufacturer is in pursuit of profits, on the market at present is using inferior selenium or false of the steel, lead to transformer overheating, efficiency is lower, so everybody when the power of choose and buy, try to use good quality transformer power supply.
Basic selection criteria for the 9v switching power adapter:
One, to determine the power supply of a large amount of power;
Selecting the corresponding topological structure;
Then select the magnetic core and core skeleton of the power size.
Four, according to the parameter set the primary, the secondary circle number, the line diameter and so on.
Switch power transformer ACTS as energy transfer and conversion. In an anti-excited circuit, the transformer converts the electrical energy into a magnetic field when the switch is conducted, and it is released when the switch is closed. In a positive circuit, the input voltage is supplied directly to the load and stored in the energy storage inductance when the switch is conducted. When the switch tube is off, the reservoir inductance is redirected to the load transfer.
The power adapter, charger, adapter, 9V power adapter, 12V1A power adapter, 12V2A power adapter, have the following points:
1, 9v power adapter and charger products do not heat well;
Poor quality of power transformer core;
3, 9v power adapter IC or charger power device poor quality;
4, the product parameter design of the 9v power adapter is unreasonable;
5, 9v power adapter manufacturing process is defective.
Therefore, when buying power adapter, chargers, adapters, please look for the regular brand power and manufacturers, so as not to cause explosion caused by the loss of personal safety and property security.
9V power adapter troubleshooting scheme:
Generally, the fuse circuit indicates that the internal circuit of the power supply is faulty. Since the power supply is under high voltage and high current, the voltage fluctuation of the power grid will cause the current in the power supply to increase instantly and fuse the fuse. Focus should check the power supply at the input rectifier diode, high pressure filter electrolytic capacitor, the inverter power switch tube, etc., have check these components without breakdown, open circuit, damage, etc.
When circuit failure or abnormal, with the current rising, and possibly the rise in current damage or expensive some important components in the circuit, and may even cause fire burned circuit. If correctly placed the fuse in the circuit, so, the fuse will be abnormal current increases to a certain height and due time, fusing itself to cut off the current, so as to protect the safe operation of the circuit.
As a result, each fuse has a rating, and when the current exceeds the rating, the fuse will fuse. When between conventional not fuse current and relevant standards stipulated by the rated breaking capacity of (current) between the current applied to the fuse, the fuse should be able to satisfactorily, and will not endanger the environment. Fuse is placed expected fault current of the circuit must be smaller than the standard stipulated in the current breaking capacity rating, otherwise, when the failure blown fuse continuous arcing, ignition occurs, the fuse burned, along with contact element melting, fuse the phenomenon such as tag can?t identify. Of course, the break ability of inferior fuse is unable to meet the requirement of standard regulation, use the same can happen harm.
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