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Charger out of the problem, how to check?

Time: 2017-07-20¡¡¡¡View: 3729

A lot of people say that the charger just bought a lot of problems soon? Are these problems really ?problematic?? The following are some common sense, and then the problem is solved
When charging, the power indicator is bright and the charging indicator orange
First check whether the charger?s output plug and the battery box are plugged in. If there is no problem, check if the fuse on the battery box is open or the fuse block has loose contact. In addition, some models need to turn the battery lock on before charging. If the above failure are ruled out, consider whether the charger output line open circuit, use multimeter voltage (200 v block) way measure the no-load output voltage of power supply, should be 41-44 v (with 36 v battery by different charger is different), if not, may be the charger output line open, and open the charger, in the output thread, troubleshooting. Note: when replacing the charger output line, be aware that the positive and negative of the original machine should not be reversed.
The power indicator is not bright, and the charging indicator is not bright
Check input power plug connected to the mains have good charger, the charger can be input plug to normal power socket test, such as the situation remains, open the charger shell, observe the fuse in a plane had broken, if not broken, first check the power input lines are in good condition, after rule out the failure of the power input line, should check whether there is near the high of components on printed circuit boards welding, if there is a poor contact fuse holder, key check transformer T1, triode, V1 and V2, whether there is a virtual welding phenomenon. R5 or R6 open, also can cause this problem, such as fuse has broken inside the machine, then don?t change big ampere fuse tube (fuse tube is commonly 2 a charger), should focus on check D1 - D4, V1, V2, R4, R7 and D15, D21 is damaged, if there are any damage, can use the same type of replacement. Please note that the element damage, may damage to one or two at the same time, may sometimes damaged several at the same time, the maintenance need to examine, to replace these components to electricity.
Three, severe fever, even the case of the shell to burn the deformation phenomenon
This is mainly due to the failure of parts of the component parts to be loose. Main show is: using C18 loose when virtual welding, will cause the V1, V2 abnormal working status, quantity of heat is very big, serious when the charger shell deformation, circuit board burned, cause the damage of V1, V2, C18 to welding can be good, check the V1, V2, R4, R7. If still cannot be ruled out fault, need to check whether there is an open circuit in the D15, D21, in addition, some manufacturers the output of the rectifier tube adopts a double diode, one of the open and caused the failure, sometimes the failure in V1, V2 only damage. Check and replace at the same time.
Four, the heat is big and accompanies the abnormal sound
The reason for the failure is that the output level has been caused by the damage of R31 and C17. In addition, C12 or virtual welding will cause the above failure.
There is an abnormal sound in the work, and no electricity is charged
Check that the C8 on the circuit board is not soldering or damaged, and the C8 can be solved normally.
6, the work has the abnormal sound, the power indicator and the charging indicator light is dark and flashing
The cause of the problem is the IC1 damage, must be careful when replacement, printed circuit board copper foil is not to be damaged, replacement of normal, need to adjust the R28 makes the charger output voltage in the range of normal work.
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