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Select the IEC / EN60065 certified power adapter

Time: 2017-07-20¡¡¡¡View: 4018

After the second industrial revolution, human completely entered the age of electricity, electronic products gradually penetrated into the life of people, all kinds of charger also form a complete set of to produce.Slowly, it was found that charging has become a big problem, so the power adapter at this time also arises at the historic moment, IEC/EN60065 certification as a result of the power adapter is a specific period.
So far, the use of the power adapter can be said to be more and more widely, its market has seen a lot of brand, but there will be more after visual has its own core competitive power of enterprise in a competitive market.Exactly how to select power adapter?Exactly how to in numerous power adapter, phase at a glance like IEC/EN60065 certification power adapter good parts?Below small make up to tell you a few selected method of power adapter.
1. Do you want to know their own electronic devices can withstand voltage.Electronic products, the required voltage are also different.When selecting a power adapter, we can not pay attention to the input voltage, but must know its output voltage.Because only in this way, you can choose to appropriate to the power adapter and electronic equipment, can be in the later use process is safe to charge;
2. You must pay attention to the flow of electrical power adapter.The most common type of electrical discharge is 1 A ~ 1.5 A, but also exist in the market now fast charging source adapter, it provide voltage regulator for electronic equipment, at the same time also can meet the demand of quick charge.When selecting a power adapter can we tend to select the product of fast charge, because of its compared to their normal power adapter is often easier to voltage and current of cushion, helps to ensure that the service life of the power adapter;
3. You take care the output power of the power adapter, and it was almost directly affects the power consumption of the power adapter.Although, in the short term power consumption, but over time, time is long, great power consumption also can let a person feel very heartache.
IEC/EN60065 certification power adapter has won the acceptance of international and regional standards, it?s high quality security!When selecting a power adapter, power adapter can choose lay particular stress on IEC/EN60065 certification such products.
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